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The Muslim Heritage of Eastern Sri Lanka – by S.H.M.Jameel and Asiff Hussein

The Muslim Heritage of Eastern Sri Lanka edited by S.H.M.Jameel and Asiff Hussein is a record of the traditional society, lifestyle and culture of the Muslims of the Eastern Province of Sri Lanka.

The Muslims of Sri Lanka have a rich heritage and this is no better seen than in the Eastern Province which has the highest concentration of Muslims in the island with two of its three districts having Muslim majorities. This book, a first of its kind, covers a wide range of topics relating to the Muslim heritage of the East contributed by the leading scholars in the field.

This includes history, rites of passage at birth, marriage and death, folklore, literature, architecture, arts and crafts, foods and beverages, dress and ornamentation, economic life and social organization. It is hoped that this book would kindle an interest in preserving the arts and crafts, the customs and traditions and all that we know by the general meaning of culture, of the Muslims of the East that has for so long enriched their lives and made it an altogether happier one.

This work is published by the Muslim Women’s Research and Action Forum, an organization of Muslim Women dedicated to empowering and safeguarding the rights of women and preserving cultural traditions and values that contribute to their progress and wellbeing.

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