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I visited the above school on Saturday the 15th February 2014 and obtained the following details from the Principal : 1.0 Present status A.      The school started in 1959 B.      Name of the School …………………………….Meelad Muslim Vidyalaya C.      Address …………………………………………….. Moor Street Dehiwela D.      Name of the Principal…………………………Mrs. S.M.Mohamed E.       Medium of instruction ………………………. Tamil F.       Number of students ……………………………72 ... Read More »

Khairiya School Laying of Faoundation By Hon Misnister Basil Rajapakse

Khairiya School Laying of Faoundation By Hon Misnister Basil Rajapakse

Hon.Minister, Al Hadj ZAM Refai, Distinguish guests, Principal, Staff, students, Parents, Ladies and Gentlemen Assalamu Alaikum Warahamathullahi Wabarakathuhu It gives me great pleasure to say few words on behalf of my cousin Al-Hadj Zam Refai. He needs no introduction as he is well known and popular especially among the poor and needy. He hails from Beruwela and married and settled ... Read More »


tanweer acadamy

The need of the hour is Daees, who are proficient in Sinhalese Language. We felt it very badly during the short spell, when few of the Bikhus belonging to the majority community took the law into their hands tarnishing the image of Islam with all sorts of incorrect information. This, in my opinion, the Muslims has failed to utilize the ... Read More »

Scholarship for Zahirians – Colombo

colombo zahira college

AssalamuAlaikumWarahamathullahiWabarakathuhu (Peace, mercy and blessing upon you)   My dear Mr Jiffry   Principal Zahira College Colombo.   May I take this opportunity to congratulate you, the staff and the Board of Governors for the wonderful efforts, you all are taking to bring back Zahira to its Golden Era.   As a mode of support, Sailan Muslim Foundation, once again ... Read More »

Fathima Muslim Ladies College – DREAM COMES TRUE

fathima muslim school new building

  The Government of Sri Lanka had decided to upgrade 1000 Schools of which 74 were Muslim schools. Unfortunately, Fatima Muslim Ladies College, even though requires upgrading, didn’t fall under this category.  Hence the responsibility rest on the shoulders of Muslim Community to facilitate and upgrade the school. The school was visited on Tuesday the 3rd April 2012 by the ... Read More »

Campus Masjid at Peradeniya

The long-felt need for a Masjid in the University of Peradeniya (former University of Ceylon) was fulfilled when the Masjid was completed in 1971, although the foundation stone was laid in 1952. It was built with the effort and support of a group of Muslim intellectuals,graduates, undergraduates and philanthropists. Alhamdulillah the Masjid was incorporated as a registered charity by the ... Read More »


On the request of the Principal Mohamed Jiffry, the undersigned took the initiate to promote the project ‘P 200’ , which was aimed at improving the GCE(A) level results at Zahira College.         The report submitted by the Principal is given below: PROJECT :                       P 200 DONOR:                         ZACOBA (Canada) and Sailan Muslim Foundation FUNDS:                          Rs.  211,000.00 .                                                                                                     ... Read More »


I write these words to express my great gratitude to philanthropist Al-Haj. Z.A.M. Refai and Engineer AGA Barrie of Beruwala, Sri Lanka and old boys of the above school for, dedicating themselves for the development of their alma-mater, under a master plan estimated at the cost of 75 million SLR. Further, it is hoped highlighting some of the achievements made ... Read More »

The Ceylon Muslim Scholarship Fund – RAMAZAN APPEAL 2011 (1432 AH)

The Ceylon Muslim Scholarship Fund 47/2A, Fredrica Road, Colombo 6, Sri Lanka Tel: 2598949 BRIEF HISTORY The Muslims of Sri Lanka suffered heavily during colonial rule under the Portuguese and Dutch for nearly three centuries from 1505. In education they were in a state of regression. In 1796 the British replaced the Dutch, who were more tolerant but the Muslims ... Read More »