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Malaysia Mulls Courses to Save Marriages By : OnIslam & News Agencies


KUALA LUMPUR – Malaysia’s Islamic authorities have been mulling imposing new post-marriage courses for Muslim couples in addition to the current pre-marriage courses to cut increasing divorce rates. The new course will be different from the pre-marriage course, dwelling more liberally on marital issues including husband-wife health & relationship. "The proposal seeks among others, to compel Muslim married couples to ... Read More »

Modesty, Swimming and the Burkini


By Aishah Schwartz I tested myself to see if I remembered different swimming styles. Once a swimmer, always a swimmer! My life as a practicing Muslim began in 2002 after 41-years of not knowing a single Muslim or having ever heard anything at all about Islam. The journey began after I became acquainted through work with a Somali taxi driver ... Read More »

Five Muslims among Forbes’ list of 100 most powerful women


Five Muslim women have made it to Forbes’ list of the 100 most powerful women published online on Wednesday. Prime Minister of Bagladesh  Shiekh Hasina Wajid has been given the rank of 47 on the list, the highest among the five. Following Wajid is Sheikha Lubna Al Qasimi ;  Minister of International Cooperation and Development in United Arab Emirates at ... Read More »

Muslim women strive against poverty in India

Indian women-01

By: Altaf Ahmad The 18-year-old Muslim helps support her diabetic mother, father and five siblings by working as a maid while also taking free vocational classes at the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS). “I can’t think of having a comfortable life until I graduate or learn some skills so that I get a good job to feed my family. ... Read More »

Female Scholars and Preachers in Islam

Female Scholars

One of the biggest problems facing religion today is modern relevance. For many people of faith, this means coming to terms with reforming their religion to fit modern times by dismissing or “re-interpreting” scripture. The beauty of Islam among religions is in its universality, its compatibility with science, and its versatile legal tradition which remains relevant across times and cultures. ... Read More »

Greece Files First Veiled MP for EU Parliament


OnIslam & News Agencies Thursday, 08 May 2014 00:00 ATHENS – A hijab-clad Greek woman has become the first ever Muslim candidate to represent her country at the coming European Parliament elections, hoping to prevent anti-Muslim discrimination and ensure equality for the religious minority. "I have been nominated from the Eco Green Party Greece – the ecological political party that ... Read More »

Amazed by Muslim Women’s Dress By a Revert Sister


I am an American who grew up in a strict religious Christian family. By the time I was sixteen I became very devout and religious myself. The church was like a home away from home. I enjoyed it thoroughly. I had read and studied the Bible on a regular basis. All the while I was noticing many errors in the ... Read More »

Tasnim Nazeer: A writer for the people By Duvindi Illankoon


Named as one of the most influential Muslims under 40 in the world, British born journalist and author of Sri Lankan heritage Tasnim Nazeer wants to be the voice of those who do good work. Tasnim Nazeer realised the might of the pen while she was in Sri Lanka following the tsunami, covering relief efforts. Being a college student and still ... Read More »