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Help Us Show How Beautifully Diverse The Hijab Can Be

Help Us Show How Beautifully Diverse The Hijab Can Be_ Sailan Muslim

Muslim women worldwide wear the hijab — Islamic head covering — in various ways, and often incorporate elements of their own culture to create a head scarf style that is native to their region. The many different styles is a testament to the rich diversity of Muslim women. It’s both an expression of self as much as of love. Sometimes, ...

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Urfa Masood to be Victoria’s first female Muslim magistrate

Urfa Masood in 2006. Photo: John Donegan

Victoria has appointed its first Muslim woman to the bench. Attorney-General Martin Pakula on Tuesday morning announced the appointment of Urfa Masood to the Magistrates' Court of Victoria. Ms Masood, who is of Sri Lankan background, will be the first Muslim woman to sit on the bench of any Victorian court. Ms Masood started practising criminal law in 2003 and ...

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Islam Betrayed By Unholy Extremists

Islam betrayed

The second chapter of the Muslim holy book, the Quran, says believing in the previous scriptures is an essential feature of God-consciousness. Commentators say the verse refers to scriptures such as the Torah, the Psalms, and the Gospels; the Arabic names of these being Thourath, Zaboor and Injeel. The Quran also says, “and nearest among them in love to the ...

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Palestine Land Day: Here we shall stay

Palestine Land Day.1

The Judaisation strategy did not only aim at confiscating lands, but also to undermine the rise of Palestinian leaders. On March 30, 1976, Palestinians marched against an Israeli decision to expropriate 2,000 hectares of land around the Arab villages of Araba and Sakhnin as a part of a plan to "Judaise the Galilee". The Palestinian "Land Day" marked the first ...

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Mr. President, Its Outright Racism

Mr. President, Its outright Racism

President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s decade long era of governance saw unprecedented racism and hate against the minority communities in Sri Lanka.  The Bodu Bala Sena and other Buddhist extremist groups were blamed for this bigotry. It is a well-known fact that the regime change in January 2015 was mainly due to the minority communities voting en-bloc against the Mahinda Rajapaksa regime, ...

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“Khadijah & Muhammad” Final Part: Khadijah’s Death By Zainab bint Younus

Ajoumey through Grief

For seven years, Muhammad (PBUH) dedicated every day of his life to calling his people – and strangers as well – to the message of Islam. For seven years, Khadijah (may Allah be pleased with her) stood at his side, worshipping Allah, teaching Islam, and enduring the suffering that was being inflicted upon every new Muslim. Already, so much had ...

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Mahram Chart for Women in Islam

Mahram Chart for Women in Islam - Sailan muslim foundation

  A woman’s Mahram is a person whom she is never permitted to marry because of their close blood relationship (such as her father, grandfather, great-grandfather, etc., and her son, grandson, great-grandson, etc., her paternal and maternal uncles, her brother, brother’s son and sister’s son), or because because of radaa’ah or breastfeeding (such as the brother and husband of the ...

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UK Hijabi Woman Sails Around the Globe


CAIRO – Breaking down negative stereotypes, a British veiled Muslim woman is taking part in the world's longest ocean race, proving that hijab has never been a barrier in the life of Muslim women. "I've got my headscarf on, I'm going to do my prayers … go forth, the world is your oyster!" Noreen Rahman, maths teacher from Walthamstow, east ...

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Remembering the life of Sheikh Ahmed Deedat

Remembering the life of Sheikh Ahmed Deedat

The fiery South African autodidact was a champion of interreligious debate. Sheikh Deedat was a charismatic, self-taught Muslim scholar from South Africa, most famous for engaging Christian evangelists in public debate. In 1986, he debated Jimmy Swaggart and even challenged the late Pope John Paul II to a debate in the Vatican Square. His son, Yousuf Deedat, calls him a ...

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