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The Women Who Guard the Prophet’s Mosque


To be in the city of the Prophet is a blessing in itself, but to be there during Ramadan, that is a whole other story. Women surround me as I make my way towards the gates of Masjid-E-Nabawi (The Mosque of the Prophet Muhammed P.B.U.H), stopping a few feet from the doors to remove their shoes. They then line up, read more

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Tips for a happy kitchen in Ramadan


Every day in Ramadan is a challenge for Muslim wives, those who get occupied with how to prepare their kitchens, so cooking Iftar becomes an easy mission for them. However, it is somehow tricky for some women to keep high spirituality and Ibadah on track while committing to a non-stop full time job as housewives and mothers, taking care of read more

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High-Tech Hijab


OHIO – Following footsteps of inventors of fight fire gears and sweating gym suits, a Muslim entrepreneur has fulfilled a dream of many Muslim women by developing self-cooling, water proof and wrinkle free hijab. “No matter how hot it is outside, they wear it — and they wear it with pride,” 22-year-old entrepreneur Ahmad Ghanem said on his Kickstarter video, read more

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Are Digestive Problems Ruining Your Ramadan? – By Anisa Abeytia

Water is needed for digestion as well as to make HCL.

Your digestive tract is a self contained unit that doesn't (when working optimally) allow the food you consume to be absorbed and distributed to the body without first sterilizing, identifying and processing it. Without proper digestion there cannot be health. Not only is the health of the gut important for commonly known reasons, but the digestive tract is also home read more

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Husband-Wife Relationship in Ramadan (Q & A)

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                                  Married spouses usually raise significant questions about intimate relations in the month of Ramadan. It is important for a husband and wife to understand how to cater for each other’s needs and how to seek the blessings of Ramadan too. This e-book, therefore, read more

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Queen Elizabeth Honors Muslim Athlete

Queen Elizabeth Honors Muslim Athlete

LONDON – A British Muslim woman has been honored by Queen Elizabeth II for her outstanding services to the British Society in 2015, as part of the Queen’s Birthday Honors list. “Honestly I was shocked when I found out, I wasn't expecting it at all,” Rimla Akhtar, chair of Muslim Women's Sport Foundation, told Get West London. “I feel like read more

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Kadra became Minnesota’s first hijab wearing police woman

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Minnesota, (IINA) – Kadra Muhammad has become Minnesota’s first hijab wearing police woman and the first Somali female officer, according to media reports. Kadra, 21, joined the St. Paul police department in March last year as a community liaison. At the time, the department approved an option for employees to wear the hijab. She is the first officer in Minnesota read more

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7 Remarkable Things About Khadija, Wife of the Prophet of Islam


I often get into debates with people about women in Islam. How we dress. How we don't dress. What we think or don't think or should-be-thinking. I get into debates about feminism. What it is and what it isn't. I think I've spawned permanent foes because I don't care to apply the label, feminist, to describe myself. (I'm not one read more

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