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Book Launch – ‘Clouding the Crescent in Sri Lanka’

Clouding the Crescent in Sri Lanka'

A well researched and documented book on the rise and fall of communal politics in Sri Lanka,by Lukman Harees,UK based Sri Lankan author and social activist , will be launched on Monday 19th October at 6.00 pm,  at the ClubHouse , Havelock City, Colombo 06.This book particularly highlights  how the recent hate campaign against Sri Lankan Muslims affected the socio-political ...

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Into the Heart of Reality The Inner Voice By :- Safiullah


PRESS RELEASE FOR MARKETING THE BOOK BY AUTHOR HOUSE, USA Safiullah announces release of ‘Into the Heart of Reality’New book sets readers on the path toward spiritual growth Author Safiullah shares a selection of insights and reflections that have changed his life in his inspirational new book, “Into the Heart of Reality: The Inner Voice” (published by AuthorHouse). “In order ...

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Muslims of Sri Lanka – Under Siege – By : Latheef Farook

Muslims of Sri Lanka-feature

This book is about the never ending 'Hate- Muslim' campaign unleashed by a small group of Sinhala racists who fortunately do not enjoy the support of the vast majority of Sinhalese in the country. The writer is concerned that this campaign, unless brought to a halt, is likely to lead to a total breakdown in communal harmony to the detriment ...

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Launch of Book Sinhayage sivveni pimma By Sheikh A.W.M.Rimsi


Sri Lankan Muslims are a peaceful community. They expected cordial co-existence after the end of 30 years of bitter ethnic strife and war between the Sinhalese and Tamil communities where they were also victims. Muslims paid a heavy price for standing up for the sovereignty of the country. They were massacred in mosques in the east and expelled from the ...

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This book was published by the Dr. A.M.A. Azeez Foundation in 2013 to portray his early life and tributes from different perspectives, which was edited by S.H.M. Jameel and M. Ali Azeez. It was released at his commemoration meeting on 4th October, 2013 A profile of Dr. A.M.A. Azeez gives a brief history of his life and achievements. Childhood Memories ...

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America’s New World Order – the Frightening Future of Humanity By Latheef Farook

latheef Farook America's New world order

“America’s New World Order — EXPORTING WARS” is about United States-led, European global military designs to control and plunder resources worldwide. Since the collapse of the former Soviet Union in 1989, the United States emerged as the sole super power with unprecedented military might in human history. People worldwide, sick and tired of wars and misery, hoped and prayed that ...

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Muslim Law by Senior Lawyer Karunaratne Herath

Muslim Law sinhala

‘Muslim Law’, the book written by Senior Lawyer Karunaratne Herath will be launched at BMICH today (9th) at 9.00 a.m. At a time when the attention of the country has been drawn to Islam law or ‘Sharya Law ‘releasing a book on the subject in Sinhalese is specially important.

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Tolerance in Islam by Asiff Hussein

Tolerance in Islam

Published by Muslim Women’s Research and Action Forum   It has often been argued by non-Muslims that Islam is not a tolerant faith and that it has been propagated by force of arms rather than by peaceful means; by compulsion rather than through conviction. This perception has been widely propagated in the writings of certain biased Western scholars who left ...

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The Ethics of Disagreement in Islam By Taha Jabir Al-Alwani

Paperback, 158 pages Published June 1st 1993 by International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT) (first published 1992) Reviewed by Abdul H.Azeez A mere four hundred years after the demise of the Prophet (pbuh) the political fragmentation of the Islamic world had already begun, and continued in the centuries after. The Muslim ummah, once united along lines of faith, has over these centuries ...

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