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Lift Up Your Heart in Ramadan


The  month  of  Ramadan  is  here.  To  live  and  witness  this  blessed  month is  a great  gift  that  we  should  all  thank  Allah  for.  It  is  also  a  unique chance  to  cleanse  our  hearts,  to  purify  our  souls,  to  amend  our  ways and to get spiritually recharged. In  this  refreshing, spirit-nurturing  atmosphere,  presents  this  e-book,  Lift  Up Your  Heart read more

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Husband-Wife Relationship in Ramadan (Q & A)

wifehusband-relationship 550

                                  Married spouses usually raise significant questions about intimate relations in the month of Ramadan. It is important for a husband and wife to understand how to cater for each other’s needs and how to seek the blessings of Ramadan too. This e-book, therefore, read more

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Ramadan for New Muslims


Ramadan is the most blessed month of the year. What does Ramadan mean to Muslims in general and how can a new Muslim benefit from his first Ramadan? This eBook will answer all your questions. Source :

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Being A Woman.Social challenges, Concerns and More

bring a women

It's painful to see people in the 21st century look at women as merely a body to be exhibited in the media and the streets just to please the public. It’s also painful to see people look down on women as the weaker sex and a source of evil on this earth. It is equally as sad to see people read more

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Women in Islam

French parlimant

Islam came to affirm the dignity of women, their full human rights, their eligibility for high rank and status both in this world and in the hereafter. The history of Islam testifies that when the teachings and principles of Islam were properly applied, women were fully empowered and thus wonderful women pioneers emerged, excelling in social work, knowledge, and activism. read more

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Into the Heart of Reality The Inner Voice By :- Safiullah


PRESS RELEASE FOR MARKETING THE BOOK BY AUTHOR HOUSE, USA Safiullah announces release of ‘Into the Heart of Reality’New book sets readers on the path toward spiritual growth Author Safiullah shares a selection of insights and reflections that have changed his life in his inspirational new book, “Into the Heart of Reality: The Inner Voice” (published by AuthorHouse). “In order read more

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A Brief Tour Through the Quran


Despite its grandeur and majesty, the Qur’an does not evoke a sense of distance or strangeness, but rather affinity with the divine words because of their familiarity with human nature, its needs, its fears, its pains, and its desires. (Indeed, We (Allah) have created the human, and We know what his own self whispers to him. And We are nearer read more

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