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Forty Nights with Johnny & the Janissary by Asiff Hussein

SMF-Feature-Forty Nights With Johnny & The Janissary - By Asiff Hussein

Free Preview containing excerpts of the book Forty Nights with Johnny & the Janissary by Asiff Hussein Forty Nights with Johnny & the Janissary answers all the important questions about Islam in the form of forty Q & A’s between the two protagonists, Johnny, a young seeker from the West and Ahmed, a wise old man popularly known as the Janissary. …

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Book Launch – ‘Clouding the Crescent in Sri Lanka’

Clouding the Crescent in Sri Lanka'

A well researched and documented book on the rise and fall of communal politics in Sri Lanka,by Lukman Harees,UK based Sri Lankan author and social activist , will be launched on Monday 19th October at 6.00 pm,  at the ClubHouse , Havelock City, Colombo 06.This book particularly highlights  how the recent hate campaign against Sri Lankan Muslims affected the socio-political …

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Hajj : Step by Step


  This book focuses on the rituals of Hajj and `Umrah, accompanying the pilgrim from the first steps of putting on the ihram cloth and starting Hajj, going through the days of Hajj, day by day, till the final rituals of Hajj (the Farewell Tawaf).

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Hajj Journey of Hearts


Nowaday, Saudi Arabia is receiving thousands of air flights carrying hundreds of thousands, even millions, of Muslims coming from all contrers of the words to perform Hajj, the fifth pillar of Islam

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Ramadan for New Muslims (Second Edition)


To attain God-consciousness and the great reward of Allah, a Muslim needs to learn the morals and lessons from fasting the month of Ramadan., therefore, produces a second edition of this e-book, whose contents are based mainly on informative articles, to help new Muslims, and also non-Muslims

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Islam, the environment and the human future – Judge Weeramantry

Islam, the environment and the human future - Judge Weeramantry

1. The Sources of Islamic Law Islam is of course based primarily on the Holy Qur’an, the revelation of God to the Prophet Mohammed. This is supplemented by teachings of the Prophet as recorded in thousands of traditions regarding what he said and did, as collected by his followers. In all of these there are numerous references to the human …

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Lift Up Your Heart in Ramadan


The  month  of  Ramadan  is  here.  To  live  and  witness  this  blessed  month is  a great  gift  that  we  should  all  thank  Allah  for.  It  is  also  a  unique chance  to  cleanse  our  hearts,  to  purify  our  souls,  to  amend  our  ways and to get spiritually recharged. In  this  refreshing, spirit-nurturing  atmosphere,  presents  this  e-book,  Lift  Up Your  Heart …

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Husband-Wife Relationship in Ramadan (Q & A)

wifehusband-relationship 550

                                  Married spouses usually raise significant questions about intimate relations in the month of Ramadan. It is important for a husband and wife to understand how to cater for each other’s needs and how to seek the blessings of Ramadan too. This e-book, therefore, …

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