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The ’Pearl of the Orient’ begins to lose its luster. By TARIQ A. AL-MAEENA


Sri Lanka, nicknamed the "Pearl of the Orient", has begun to lose its luster following the brief spell of harmony that came at the end of a decades-long civil war, a war that claimed countless victims and ravaged the countryside, threatening to split the country into many factions. The government understood that reconciliation with its minorities including the Tamils and ... Read More »

Anwar Ibrahim found not guilty of sodomy Al Jazeera and agencies

  Malaysian politician says justice has been served and pledges to topple the government in next elections. Al Jazeera's Harry Fawcett spoke to Anwar Ibrahim after the verdict at the Kuala Lumpur High Court   Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim has been acquitted in a surprise end to a politically charged sodomy trial. The popular leader has called the trial a government ... Read More »

The Royal House is Rattled Too

IN NORMAL times a government sitting on $440 billion in foreign reserves would have few cares. Even in the present season of turmoil in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia is lucky. With the price of oil up by $10 a barrel since January, and the Saudis squirting out spare stuff to make up for the slump in Libya’s output, the ... Read More »

Mystery Missile Launched in Los Angeles

  Here are back-to-back news broadcasts on the mystery missile fired off the coast of Los Angeles, yesterday evening, Monday November 8, 2010: MSNBC's national cable network and Los Angeles' CBS affiliate, KCBS TV. Both report that a large missile was fired 35 miles off the coast of Los Angeles at sunset, giving a breathtaking backlit view of a rocket ... Read More »

Israeli police raze mosque amid protests From Shira Medding, CNN

(CNN) — Israeli police officers razed a mosque they said was built illegally in the southern city of Rahat as residents hurled rocks at them. Hundreds of police officers accompanied by land authority officials arrived in the city on Saturday night. They had bulldozers and trucks, and said they were carrying out a court order, according to Mayor Faiz Abu-Sahaban. ... Read More »

In Denial: US ‘Shoots Messenger’ to Save Face in WikiLeaks Scandal By Russia Today

By Russia Today Washington's denying it ignored numerous cases of Iraqi torture and killing over the past six years. The allegations stem from 400,000 secret U.S. files on the war in Iraq, leaked by the whistle-blowing website WikiLeaks. The documents detail U.S. forces handing prisoners over to Iraqi interrogators, despite overwhelming evidence of inhumane treatment. Many detainees were said to ... Read More »

Tony Blair’s sister-in-law Lauren Booth converts to Islam after a ‘holy experience’ in Iran ,By MAIL ON SUNDAY REPORTER

Tony Blair’s sister-in-law has converted to Islam after having a ‘holy experience’ in Iran. Broadcaster and journalist Lauren Booth, 43 – Cherie Blair’s half-sister – said she now wears a hijab head covering whenever she leaves her home, prays five times a day and visits her local mosque ‘when I can’. She decided to become a Muslim six weeks ago ... Read More »