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German, Finnish Radio Broadcast Qur’an


HELSINKI – For the first time ever, Finnish and German radio stations announced plans to broadcast the holy book of Qur’an in weekly sessions, accompanied by its translation and interpretation to increase people’s knowledge of Islam. “It’s nice to hear my translation be read aloud,” Professor Jaakko Hämeen-Anttila, who translated Qur’an into Finnish, told Yle’s Radio 1 channel. “It is ...

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S.F. doctor whose brother was slain decries anti-Muslim hostility


Dr. Suzanne Barakat was writing a prescription for one of her patients at San Francisco General Hospital when her phone lit up with text messages from friends sending condolences. It was Feb. 10 and Barakat, 27, was in her first year of family medicine residency. She ignored the first text, thinking it was either a mistake or a reference to ...

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Creating political hysteria By :- S.H.Moulana – Riyadh


The prime minister of Israel acting like the president of America addressed the both Houses in Washington, telling the administration what it should do and what it should not do. All these time the elected president of the United States was watching it from the White House helplessly. A country which is entirely living on US’s grants dictating terms to ...

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Anti-Israel divestment push gains traction at US colleges


NEW YORK (AP) — The ritual has become increasingly commonplace on many American college campuses: A student government body takes up Israeli policy toward the Palestinians and decides whether to demand their school divest from companies that work with the Jewish state. In the United States, Israel's closest ally, the decade-old boycott-divestment-sanctions movement, or BDS, is making its strongest inroads ...

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Roger Waters, Alan Parsons Spar Over Israel Concerts

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Roger Waters Former Pink Floyd member Roger Waters has engaged in a war of words with Dark Side of the Moon engineer Alan Parsons, who leads the Alan Parsons Project, over the latter's decision to play a concert in Tel Aviv, Israel. On Saturday, Waters, Floyd's "pimply bass player," by his own estimation, published two letters he had written "the ...

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Canadian Muslim chosen best mayor in world for 2014


Ottawa (IINA) – Naheed Nenshi, mayor of Calgary in Canada, was voted the best mayor of the world in 2014 by the international firm City Mayor Foundation. Nenshi, a Canadian Muslim, is well known for his integrity, honesty and generosity. The prize was awarded on February 2 after he was picked from among a list of 933 mayors, surveyed by ...

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Obama: ‘People committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ’


AP/Evan Vucci President Barack Obama while being recognized at the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, D.C. President Barack Obama wants Christians to know Islam is not the only religion that has inspired violence and terror. "Unless we get on our high horse and think this is unique to some other place, remember that during the Crusades and the Inquisition, people committed ...

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French Parliament Recognizes Palestinian State


CAIRO – French lawmakers voted in favor of recognizing Palestinian state on Tuesday, December 02, reflecting a growing European impatience with a stalled peace process. The motion, proposed by the ruling Socialists and backed by left-wing parties and some conservatives, asks the government to "use the recognition of a Palestinian state with the aim of resolving the conflict definitively". Echoing ...

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Qur’an is Book of Peace: Pope


CAIRO – Concluding his three-day visit to Turkey, Pope Francis has confirmed that Islam is a religion of peace, rejecting rants targeting Muslims over acts committed by a minority group. “The Qur’an is a book of peace. It is a prophetic book of peace,” Pope Francis said, The Washington Post reported on Monday, December 1. During his visit to Turkey, ...

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Tunisian computer scientist crowned World Muslimah 2014, calls for free Palestine

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Prambanan (Indonesia): A Tunisian woman called for a free Palestine as she won a pageant exclusively for Muslims in Indonesia on Friday, seen as a riposte to Western beauty contests. Eighteen finalists, who include a doctor and a computer scientist, paraded in glittering dresses against the backdrop of world-renowned ancient temples for the contest in the world's most populous Muslim-majority ...

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