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Obama makes first trip to US mosque

Obama makes first trip to .US mosque

American mosque on Wednesday, offering a high-profile rebuttal of harsh Republican election-year rhetoric against Muslims. Obama, whose grandfather converted to Islam, will make the short trip to the Islamic Society of Baltimore mosque, where he will meet community leaders and deliver remarks. He has visited mosques in Malaysia, Indonesia and Egypt as president, but has yet to visit one of ...

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British PM Cameron rolls red carpet to Egypt’s murderous coup leader Al Sisi.


Declared British policy for  century and half has been to crush Islam and democracy in Muslim countries by Latheef Farook :  British  hypocrisy was at full display in London this week  with British Prime Minister David Cameron rolling red carpet to the Egyptian coup leader Abdel Fattah Al Sisi who  toppled the  democratically elected Mohamed Morsi’s government and massacred more ...

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Turkey Honored For Hosting Refugees

Turkey Honored For Hostinh Refugees1

WASHINGTON – Acknowledging its notable efforts in offering support for refugees, a leading US Muslim advocacy group has granted Turkey a humanitarian award for opening its doors to millions of refugees every year. “Just to give an example in this regard, during the last cours of the four years, Turkey has taken more refugees (only the number of Syrian refugees) ...

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Rally Against Islam Outnumbered By Counterprotesters

Separated by a metal barricade, advocates of the open carrying of guns and against "radical Islam" yell back and forth with counter protesters on the front lawn of the Henry Ford Centennial Library in Dearborn onSat., Oct. 10, 2015.

  Protesters and counter protesters on open carry, Islam from radical Islam and immigration held rallies separated by a metal barricade at the Henry Ford Centennial Library in Dearborn on Saturday, Oct. 10, 2015. About a dozen people, some armed with rifles, showed up for an anti-Islam rally this afternoon in Dearborn, outnumbered by two groups of counterprotesters. Waving American ...

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2.5m Syrians Hosted By :- Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Since Uprising

2.5m Syrians hosted by KSA since uprising

The Kingdom played a vital role in helping Syrian refugees in Jordan and Lebanon through humanitarian aid including food, medical treatment, medicines and clothes. (SPA) JEDDAH: Saudi Arabia has hosted around 2.5 million Syrians since the beginning of the crisis in that country in 2011, the Foreign Ministry has said. In a statement issued to SPA, the ministry said the ...

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Israel Bans 2 Muslim Groups That Protest at Jerusalem Holy Site


Palestinian supporters of mourabitat demonstrated last week against Israeli plans to forbid the group to enter the compound in Jerusalem that Muslims call the Noble Sanctuary, or Al Aqsa, and that Jews call the Temple Mount RAMALLAH, West Bank — Israel on Monday officially outlawed an organization of Muslim women who chase and shout at Jewish visitors to a contested ...

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Venezuela abolishes entrance visa for Palestinians


Former President of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez Venezuela has abolished entrance visas for Palestinians, the Palestinian ministry of foreign Affairs said on Wednesday. “The Venezuelan authorities have issued a decision on Wednesday exempting Palestinian passport holders from entry visas,” the ministry said in a statement. The statement added that “the decision comes as part of an agreement signed between the Palestinian ...

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Norman Finkelstein: Amnesty’s Gaza Reports Are ‘Just Israeli Propaganda’


 By Nick Mutch Norman Finkelstein is an outspoken and controversial scholar of the Israel/Palestine conflict and one of Israel’s most consistent and trenchant critics. Along with prominent Israeli historian Benny Morris, he has recently announced a partnership with Byline, a crowdfunding platform for independent journalism. He intends to use his journalism to raise $100,000, which he will donate to the ...

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Boycott Israel Drive Gains Strength, Raising Alarm

Boycott drive gains strength, raising alarm in Israel

JERUSALEM (AP) — Ten years ago, a small group of Palestinian activists had a novel idea: inspired by the anti-apartheid movement, they called for a global boycott movement against Israel as a nonviolent method to promote the Palestinian struggle for independence. Long confined to the sidelines, the so-called BDS movement appears to be gaining momentum — so much so that ...

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First-ever US Nakba Museum opens in Washington DC

Untitled-1 copy

When Bshara Nassar arrived in Washington, DC, he strolled along the National Mall and passed myriad museums dedicated to exposing the painful history of oppressed peoples: the National Museum of the American Indian, the Holocaust Museum, Laogai Museum, the list goes on. He quickly recognized there was no “place for the Palestinian story to be told,” which inspired him to ...

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