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Bethlehem Christians fast with Muslims in Ramadan


World Bulletin / News Desk Christians in the occupied West Bank city of Bethlehem have been observing Ramadan fasting in solidarity with their fellow Muslims during the holy month of Ramadan. In a survey of Bethlehem’s Christians conducted in 2006 by the Palestinian Center for Research and Cultural Dialogue, 90% reported having Muslim friends. Speaking to Al-Arabiya News, Mike Kanawati, ... Read More »

Utah polygamous family says going on TV liberating

brad willy

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — The newest Utah polygamous family featured in a reality TV show says sharing their story with a wide audience has been liberating. Brady Williams and his five wives were a bit apprehensive ahead of the airing of a pilot episode in September, but they said this week in an interview with The Associated Press that ... Read More »

RIS Convention Gathers World Muslims By Muneeb Nasir OnIslam Correspondent


TORONTO – Amid inspirational speeches from renowned scholars around the world, the Reviving the Islamic Spirit Convention got underway on Friday, December 27, in Toronto welcoming thousands of people who traveled from across North America and beyond to attend the landmark annual gathering. “These conferences are an exercise on how to live as a community,” Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan told ... Read More »

Madrassas in India attract Hindu students

Islamic seminaries with modern curriculum in eastern Indian state of West Bengal are helping to bridge religious divide.   Clad in white and blue salwar kameez (traditional Indian dress) and translating an Arabic verse from her Islamic studies textbook into Bengali, 15-year-old Puja Kshetrapal could pass for a Muslim. But she, along with almost half of the 200 tenth graders ... Read More »

Attacks a travesty of Islamic Teachings

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Sailan Muslim Foundation unreservedly condemns the recent attacks on All Saints Church in Pakistan and a shopping mall in Nairobi by terrorists purporting to act in the name of Islam. The cowardly attacks only goes on to show how misled these elements are and the mischief they are bent on causing to the good name of Islam.   The killing ... Read More »

U.S. drones that killed American Al Qaeda boss ‘infected by virus’ amid fears terrorists are logging their every move By DAILY MAIL REPORTER

  Predator and Reaper drones 'hit by mysterious keylogger virus' Infection thought have spread via crews' removable hard drives Fears tracking logs may be on public internet and available to terrorists Drone use has been suspended while security specialists investigate Experts at Nevada base believe virus is most likely accidental malware Drones have killed more than 2,000 people since Obama ... Read More »

Saluting the Norwegian Spirit By Elf Habib

  His gruesome strategy to snuff out the lives of the youth likely to lead the Labour Party, known for it’s relatively more liberal and cosmopolitan outlook, shows the height of a new morbid fanaticism The national memorial service for the dead and return of the survivors and bereaved families to Utøya Island, the site of the barbaric blitz by ... Read More »

U.N. Experts Push for Details on Bin Laden Operation By Thalif Deen

  UNITED NATIONS, May 9, 2011 (IPS) – Was last week's killing of an unarmed Osama bin Laden in his hideout in Pakistan legitimate self-defence, justified homicide or extra-judicial execution? At least two U.N. human rights experts, Christof Heyns and Martin Scheinin, are asking the United States to disclose more details of the assassination, including whether there were any plans ... Read More »

Getting Osama bin Laden: How the Mission Went Down By Mike Allen

The helicopter carrying Navy SEALs malfunctioned as it approached Osama bin Laden’s compound at about 3:30 p.m. ET Sunday, stalling as it hovered. The pilot set it down gently inside the walls, then couldn’t get it going again. It was a heart-stopping moment for President Barack Obama, who had been monitoring the raid in the White House Situation Room since 1 ... Read More »