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The Al-Aqsa Mosque Through the Ages (2) By :- Firas AlKhateeb

the al aqsa mosque

In Part 1 of this article, we saw the early history of the third holiest site in Islam: the al-Aqsa Mosque. From a Roman and Byzantine dumping site to a modest mosque built by ‘Umar ibn al-Khattab, to a giant complex crowned by the Dome of the Rock in Umayyad times, Islam played a major role in the history of ...

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The Al-Aqsa Mosque Through the Ages Part 1 By :- Firas AlKhateeb


When Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) received the command from God to lead the Muslim community in five daily prayers, their prayers were directed towards the holy city of Jerusalem. For Muslims, the city of Jerusalem is an important site. As the home of numerous prophets of Islam such as Dawud (David), Sulayman (Solomon), and ‘Isa (Jesus), the city ...

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World Scholars Slam Al-Aqsa Attack (Statement) : By : Shari`ah Staff


In response to the recent attack committed by Israeli police and Zionist groups on Al-Aqsa mosque, one of the holiest places in Islam, the International Union for Muslim Scholars released the following statement: All praises are due to Almighty Allah, the Lord of the worlds, and peace and blessings be upon Muhammad, the Messenger of Allah, his family, Companions and ...

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Holy graves: Closer to peace or apocalypse?, By Ameen Izzdeen

Tension is building up in the occupied West Bank. Palestinians, especially the youth, are furious, because Israeli troops stopped them from visiting the al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem — Islam’s third holiest place of worship. They fear that Israel is carrying out excavation and construction work at the al-Aqsa site with the ill-intention of causing permanent damage to the foundation of ...

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Masjid Al Aqsa is crying for your help, By Latheef Farook

Zionist Jews vow to destroy Masjid Al Aqsa and build in its place the Solomon’s Temple.They excavate in and around Masjid Al Aqsa so that the building collapses on its own. Already they have dug a 400 meter a tunnel beneath the women’s prayer area. The Arab dictators have abandoned the Palestinians, Jerusalem and Masjid Al Aqsa. Most Muslims remain ...

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