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SC Orders Govt. Institutes To Permit ‘Hijab’


De facto Chief Justice Mohan Pieris in the Supreme Court today recalling a visit he made to an international school in Colombo in which Muslim students were dressed in traditional Punjabi attire and said that “I see no reason why this should not be permitted”. He made these remarks when a Fundamental Rights petition filed by a parent of Janadipathi ... Read More »

On the “Muslim Problem” – By: Prabath Dharmadasa

Muslim Reservation2

A few weeks ago there was an article in the Island newspaper about the "Muslim problem." After reading it I felt that it was a storm in a teacup. I don't think our country has a "Muslim problem" at all. Infact, to the contrary if more Sri Lankans followed the example set by the Muslim community perhaps we would be ... Read More »

Buddhist monks must be balanced and moderate


"By acting in direct violation of the forbearance, moderation and patience expected of a bhikku and destroying the image of the Sasana, they evoke nothing but feelings of disgust at both the local and international levels. They are tainting the image of all those who wear the saffron robe." An interview with Baddegama Samitha Thera The Ven. Baddegama Samitha was ... Read More »

Why be forced to encounter militant Islam? : By Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka

mismanaging minority

"The entire Sinhalese-controlled media went along with J.R. Jayewardene's reasoning. Only one Sinhalese journalist, Mervyn de Silva of the Lanka Guardian, sensed the danger. In his news analysis, titled 'Who buried the TULF?' in the 1 August 1984 issue he wrote: 'How very short-sighted and stupid.'" (T. Sabaratnam, 'Pirapaharan' Chapter 19, 'Burying the TULF') While there is evidence aplenty that ... Read More »

Aluthgama and Darga Town – News Updates

news alert aluthgama

Sailan Muslim Foundation notes with concern the latest tension in Aluthgama and calls upon all concerned to exercise restraint. It calls upon the government to take urgent steps to end the escalating trend towards anarchy and mob rule by mischief makers hiding behind the façade of patriotism, and to arrest all those found guilty of violence or inciting violence. At ... Read More »

NSC Needs your Support to Pass this Message to Public


Dear brothers/Sisters Assalamu Alaikum! National Shoora Council has released a public notice on Voters Registration 2014. We kindly request your support to take this message to every​one by sharing this document to Masjids trustees,  regional/local village level organizations and other media such as your facebook, twitter, news websites etc. You can use the message​s​ we have posted in our facebook/twitter pages.  ... Read More »

BASL to AG: Take punitive action against BBS fast ‘… impunity must end in the larger interest of people of this country.’


Alleging that the Bodu Bala Sena (BBS) has brought the country and Buddhism into disrepute, the Bar Association of Sri Lanka has urged Attorney General Palitha Fernando, PC to take remedial measures immediately.   President of the Bar Association, Upul Jayasuriya said that law enforcement authorities had failed in their duty, therefore the AG should intervene without further delay.  The ... Read More »


Muslims of Sri Lanka

The organized forces or elements are working against the global Muslim community, in general. This is obvious from media reports. Further by virtue of Sri Lanka being isolated by the Western allies, due to many political reasons, the Muslims of Sri lanka, who are not united, are further targeted by the same forces or elements. The elements affecting the Muslims ... Read More »

Religious complaints: Police in unholy mess

Religious complaints

By Namini Wijedasa -    The new unit manned by predominantly Buddhist offi     cers in the wilderness, without guidance; confusion over its duties and responsibilities -    Mixed reactions to the law enforcement division attached to Buddha Sasana and Religious Affairs Ministry View(s): Members of the police unit dealing with complaints related to religious activities have no special training in their ... Read More »

Buddhist Monks and JVP fight for besieged Muslims’ rights.

Buddhist Monks and JVP fight for besieged Muslims’ rights.04

by Latheef Farook Abandoned by the government, Muslim politicians and threatened by Sinhala extremists   who are law unto themselves Buddhist monks leading the campaign to solve Muslim squatters’ housing problem at Wilpattu, Janatha Vimukthi Permanuna, JVP, fighting for the rights of the Muslims and the Muslims carrying the coffin of a Buddhist monk at a funeral procession provide glimmer ... Read More »