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Dracula: Hollywood’s Desperate attack on Islam


“He who controls the present controls the past.” [1] Many will be aware of the new Hollywood film which has been recently released entitled: ‘Dracula Untold’. It might not be well known that, supernatural powers aside, the tale of Dracula is actually based on a real person. Unfortunately however, this film is such a fictitious remake that it speaks volumes ... Read More »

U.N. to Build Bridges Battling “Merchants of Hate” By Thalif Deen


Border guards in Bangladesh refuse entry to Rohingya refugees from Myanmar. Migration is one factor that can contribute to polarising communities. Credit: Anurup Titu/IPS UNITED NATIONS, Feb 25 2013 (IPS) - Amidst the rising tide of racial and religious intolerance worldwide – including xenophobia, anti-Semitism and Islamophobia – the U.N. Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC) will meet in the Austrian capital ... Read More »

Are we truly believers? Political Prisoner Babar Ahmad

Babar Ahmad

Every sin we commit delays the arrival of Allah’s Victory. Every Salah we delay extends the incarceration of a captive at Guantanamo Bay. Every drug we take allows another Quran to be flushed down the toilet. Every hour we waste watching TV allows another Muslim to be kidnapped and extradited into the hands of savage beasts. Every time we gaze ... Read More »

මුස්‌ලිම් සහෝදරවරුනි· දහම විසින් ඔබ සුරකිනු ලබනවා ඇත.

ඉස්‌ලාම් සමය නිග්‍රහයට ලක්‌ කරමින් ඇමරිකාවේදී සාදන ලද චිත්‍රපටය නිසා ලොව පුරා සිටින මුස්‌ලිම් සහෝදරවරුන්ගේ සිත ඉතා දරුණු ලෙස පෑරී තිබේ. මේ මොහොතේදී ලොව හැම රටකම ඉස්‌ලාම් භක්‌තිකයෝ පෙර කී චිත්‍රපටයට එරෙහිව විරෝධතා ව්‍යාපාරවල නියෑළෙමින් සිටිති. ශ්‍රී ලංකාවේ තත්ත්වය ද මෙයමය. මෙහිදී කුඩා මතක්‌ කිරීමක්‌ කළ යුතුය. එනම් මෙය ඇමරිකාව විසින් සාදන ලද චිත්‍රපටයක්‌ නොව ඇමරිකානුවකු විසින් සාදන ලද චිත්‍රපටයක්‌ බවය. මේ චිත්‍රපට අදටත් අන්තර් ජාලයේ යූ ... Read More »

Impact of Islamophobia on Muslim children By Abdul Malik Mujahid

muslim childrens

In late March this year, a Muslim third-grader was found hanging unconscious in his school in Louisville, KY. It was not the first time Muhammad had been bullied and abused. The same week a Muslim girl from Dreyfus School in New York was beaten up; thrown on the ground,  had her headscarf pulled off, as she was repeatedly called a “terrorist,” “Muslim,” ... Read More »

You Are All Suspects Now. What Are You Going To Do About It? By John Pilger

You are all potential terrorists. It matters not that you live in Britain, the United States, Australia or the Middle East. Citizenship is effectively abolished.  Turn on your computer and the US Department of Homeland Security's National Operations Center may monitor whether you are typing not merely "al-Qaeda", but "exercise", "drill", "wave", "initiative" and "organisation": all proscribed words. The British ... Read More »

Islamophobia is America’s real enemy By Daisy Khan The Guardian

A report released this week has at last confirmed what we Muslim Americans have long known to be true: the threat posed to US national security by the radicalisation of its Muslim community is minuscule. The study, by the Triangle Centre on Terrorism and Homeland Security, found that only 20 Muslim Americans were charged with violent crimes related to terrorism in 2011, ... Read More »