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Gaza reconstruction, hampered by israeli blockade, may take 100 years

Gaza Reconstruction

Scenes of the aftermath of the devastating Gaza conflict, which took place during the previous summer. Credit: UN Photo UNITED NATIONS, Mar 3 2015 (IPS) – Despite all the political hoopla surrounding an international pledging conference in Cairo last October to help rebuild Gaza, the reconstruction of the Israeli-devastated territory is apparently moving at the pace of paralytic snail. Sarah ...

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Zionism and Muslim Unity – By: Evin Mohammed


 Muslim by definition is one who submits his will to God Almighty. Islam means peace. Thus Peace acquired by submitting your will to God Is the Religion of Islam.  It is stated emphatically in the Quran, the Last Testament of God to mankind, that He will forgive anything He pleases except Shirk, that is setting up of Lords and Patrons ...

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Palestinians Bbrave Israeli Barbarity with bare Hands for Rights and Dignity of Muslims By :- Latheef Farook

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Barely two months after destroying Gaza and committing genocide on its oppressed and brutalized Palestinians, had Israelis who turned peaceful Middle East into a killing field, have now turned their designs on Masjid Al Aqsa. Unarmed and helpless Palestinians are bravely facing the barbarity of Israel – an entity of   violent settler Jewish extremists planted by Britain and promoted ...

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Jordan gets Israeli assurance on Al-Aqsa

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Israel has told Jordan it has no plans to change the status quo at Jerusalem’s al-Aqsa Mosque compound by allowing Jews to pray there, against a backdrop of continued unrest in occupied East Jerusalem. Benjamin Netanyahu called Jordan’s King Abdullah on Thursday to reassure his commitment to protecting Jerusalem’s holy site, the Israeli prime minister’s office said in a statement. ...

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Muslim Organizations Slam Israel on Al-Aqsa By :- Shari`ah Staff

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In view of the repeated violations and hostile measures taken by the Israeli authorities against Al-Aqsa Mosque, including blocking Muslim worshipers from accessing it, overlooking Jew extremists threats and showing disrespect towards its sanctity, Muslim scholars and organizations condemn such irresponsible practices, calls Arab and Muslim to support the just Palestinian cause and urges concerned parties to take all the ...

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Al-Aqsa Mosque Under Attack

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OCCUPIED JERUSALEM – Dozens of Jewish settlers on Wednesday stormed Al Aqsa Mosque compound to perform their Talmudic rituals under the protection of Israeli police which cordoned off worshippers after firing tear gas and stun grenades. "Police entered the area, pushed the masked rioters back, and they fled back into al-Aqsa. Police closed the front gate of the mosque but ...

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UN Collapsed, Justice Died, Evil Triumphed And Opened The Gates Of Hell In The Region : By : Latheef Farook

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Zionist Jewish state of Israel, established by means of conspiracies, manipulations and blackmail in the Palestinian lands in violation of all established legal and moral principles, has today become the sole source of wars, bloodshed, instability and unrest in the Middle East and beyond. In keeping with its illegitimate birth Israel, the only country in the world without permanent borders, ...

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Orphans protest demolition of dairy factory


5th September 2014 | International Solidarity Movement, Khalil team | Hebron, Occupied Palestine 300 orphans staged a protest following the demolition of Al-Rayyan Dairy Factory, north of Hebron, which occurred in the early hours of 1st September 2014. Photo by ISM The future of the children remains unclear as the two orphanages they live in, the Hebron Charity House for ...

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Palestinian joy as Israel agrees Gaza truce


  Hamas and Israel agree long-term deal which will ease Israeli blockade of enclave after talks brokered by Egypt. Thousands of Palestinians are celebrating in Gaza after Israel and Palestinian groups agreed an open-ended ceasefire to end seven weeks of fighting in Gaza. The Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, said on Tuesday from the occupied West Bank that a formula had ...

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