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China “Ramadan ban” has increased practice of the Religion – by: Umar Farooq


Chinese authorities have imposed restrictions on Uighur Muslims during the month of Ramadan, banning government employees and school children from fasting, in what rights groups say has become an annual attempt at systematically erasing the region’s Islamic identity. Chinese authorities have justified the ban on fasting by saying it is meant to protect the health of students, and restrictions on ...

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Brazil’s growing Muslim population adapt for Ramadan


Short days and pleasant weather ease the fast for Brazil's growing Muslim population. World Bulletin / News Desk For Ibrahim Nashawaty, a refugee from Syria now living in Brazil, his first Ramadan away from home has been a strange and unsettling experience so far. “In some ways it is much harder here,” he tells AA, at the only mosque in ...

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Non-Muslims attempt Ramadan fast in Turkey


Thousands of non-Muslims in Turkey are adapting to a new way of life this week as the month-long period of Ramadan begins. World Bulletin / News Desk It is during this time of the year – according to the Islamic lunar calendar – that many Muslims across the world welcome the arrival of Ramadan fasting; for the many foreigners living ...

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Jewish rabbi takes part in Ramadan fast


Photo: The Times of Israel A British rabbi in London fasts in Ramadan to build bridges between Jews and Muslims. World Bulletin / News Desk Orthodox Jewish rabbi Natan Levy, who lives in London, UK, is working to overcome stereotypes regarding the relationship between Jews and Muslims by fasting this Ramadan. Levy, who also set up an online radio station ...

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Three simple rules to stay fit during Ramadan – By: Mohamad Kadry

Maintain your health and fitness with these three simple rules

Fasting during the holy month doesn’t have to lead to overeating and inactivity.  Maintain your health and fitness with these three simple rules Fasting during the month of Ramadan can bring out many changes in those who observe it, but gluttony and laziness should not be among them. These are problems that many people face each year when fasting from ...

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Ramadan Around the World


MOROCCO THE majority of Moroccans like Ramadan because of its sacred nature and the congenial atmosphere it engenders. The people spend their days and part of their nights during this month of prayer in the Mosques. The evening after Maghreb prayers, families and friends break their fast in a cheerful and relaxed atmosphere. Ramadan is the only month when the ...

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Ramadan: Month of Fasting or Month of Feasting?


By Sarah Ghias Freelance Writer – USA The holy month of Ramadan is a time of restraint, reflection, and renewal. Muslims make every effort to better themselves and to be drawn closer to their Creator. They guard their tongues, engage in long hours of worship, exercise patience, and open up their hearts and pockets to charitable causes. However, when it ...

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A realistic Ramadan plan – By: Amira Murphy


It usually hits me around the 10th night of Ramadan, when the first third of the month, the days of Mercy, have passed. The month is not nearly over, but I find myself looking back and feeling under-accomplished. The Ramadan “Plan” that I had written up during Sha’ban was a hefty one, detailing every action, every thought and prayer that ...

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