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When I Am Ill, He Heals Me

When I am Ill, He Heals Me1

In societies characterized by the lack of Qur'anic morality, it is considered quite normal that people's behavior will change according to circumstances. They will exhibit good behavior when they can meet all of their physical and spiritual needs easily and ensure their own comfort, but will change completely when faced with any problem that may endanger their comfort. They cannot read more

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‘Oldest’ Koran fragments found in Birmingham University

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What may be the world's oldest fragments of the Koran have been found by the University of Birmingham. Radiocarbon dating found the manuscript to be at least 1,370 years old, making it among the earliest in existence. The pages of the Muslim holy text had remained unrecognised in the university library for almost a century. The British Library's expert on read more

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Sayed Qutb: The Qur’anic Cure


[We bestow of the Qur'an from on high what serves as a healing and a blessing to true believers, while it only adds to the ruin of the evildoers. Yet when We bestow Our blessings on man, he turns his back and draws arrogantly aside, and when he is afflicted by evil he gives himself up to despair. Say, "Everyone read more

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The Qur’an: A Source of Psychological Health

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The Qur’an tackles the different aspects of the human character, whether physical, psychic, or spiritual, and deals with all spheres of man’s life. Tackling these aspects and describing how they should be in harmony with each other guides man to lead a balanced life in which he is motivated to be positive and active. For instance, Allah Almighty draws man’s read more

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Guidance in the Qur’an


[He brought it down upon your heart, by Allah’s authority, confirming what came before, and as guidance and good news for the believers.] (Al-Baqarah 2:97) The Qur’an presents certain facts, and in every instance includes the most accurate information revealed to Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him). For this reason, people who take it and the Sunnah of read more

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The Book That Shaped the World By :- Muhammad Abdul-Bari

The Book That Shaped the World 1

(This is the Book; in it is guidance sure, without doubt, to those who fear Allah.) (Al-Baqarah, 2:2) Has anybody ever come across a book that contains a preface where its author mentions its infallibility from any single error? Has anyone ever heard of any author who talks with such confidence and authority? This is the Qur'an; it was revealed read more

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Listen to the oldest known recording of a Qur’an recitation in Mecca


Despite lingering controversy over the actions of the man who recorded it, this recording of Surat Ad-Duhaa is said to be the oldest ever made, in 1885 by Dutch orientalist Christiaan Snouck Hurgronje. Regardless of his intentions, this is an invaluable asset for the archives and the images accompanying the footage stand in stark contrast to the modern-day Mecca.  

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Solution: The Morals Of the Qur’an


There are people who are persecuted and tortured to death: innocent babies, people who cannot even afford a loaf of bread, who sleep in cold weather, in tents and even on the streets, who cannot afford medical treatment, or who, despite being old and weak, have to wait for hours, or even days, for hospital care, people who are killed read more

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Impact of the Qur’an on the Muslim Women


The Qur'an is indeed a miracle that has withstood the test of time; not a single letter in it has changed over 14 centuries. Hundreds of thousands of Muslims memorize and preserve it in their hearts. It contains amazing scientific facts confirmed much later after their revelation. Allah, the Exalted, promised to protect and preserve it. He says, (Surely We read more

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