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Relations with Christians according to Muhammad (s) :- Dr. Aslam Abdullah

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Under the guidance of Pope John Paul II the Catholic Church provided significant leadership in promoting peace, justice and harmony among religions. Now the new Pope, the most revered figure in the Catholic world, infallible to his followers and the representative of God to his co-religionist is choosing a path of dialogue with Muslims that seems disturbing. In a recent ...

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Coins dating back to reign of Umar ibn al-Khattab found in Turkey


Ankara (IINA) – A Turkish citizen, named Jorlar Youghal, from Selim, a town of Kars Province in the Eastern Anatolia region of Turkey, has found 7 pieces of ancient silver coins with Arabic inscriptions, dating back to the reign of Caliph Umar ibn al-Khattab. Turkey's Ikhlas News Agency reported that Youghal, 53, who works as a shepherd, said he discovered ...

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8 Great Inventions Created by Muslims


When thousands of “patriotic Europeans” took to the streets once again in Dresden to protest “the Islamisation of the West,” their actions were the result not only of resentment and fear, but also of ignorance. Luckily for us, our central European culture has benefited from Islamic influences for thousands of years. If, on Monday evening in Dresden, one of the ...

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The First Muslim-American Scholar: Bilali Muhammad


An unfortunate misconception among today’s American Muslim community is that Islam has only been present in America for less than 100 years. Many American Muslims are children of immigrants who came to the United States from the Middle East and South Asia in the mid-nineteenth century, and thus wrongly assume that the first Muslims in America were those immigrants. The ...

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Islamic Astronomy

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Precision and Observation: Refining the Works of Ptolemy After the age of the Ancient Greeks and the end of the Roman Empire, the science of astronomy went into decline in Western Europe. Barbarian incursions and empire building meant that little attention was paid to science and learning, and any such pursuits were limited to monasteries and the homes of nobles. ...

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The Cedid Atlas


The Cedid Atlas (The New Atlas in Ottoman Turkish) was one of the first printed atlases in the Muslim world. It was commissioned by the Ottoman government in 1803 as part of its 19th century reforms to bring the empire up to par with other European powers. All of the maps in the atlas were thus adapted from an earlier ...

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5 Muslim Inventions That Changed The World

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Coffee About 1,600,000,000 cups of coffee are consumed every day around the world. Billions of people rely on it as part of their daily routines. And yet, very few people are aware of the Muslim origins of this ubiquitous drink. According to the historical record, in the 1400s coffee became a very popular drink among Muslims in Yemen, in the ...

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Muslims Crossed The Atlantic Before Columbus : By : Firas AlKhateeb


The old poem that most American school children recognize begins “In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue…” Indeed, in the year 1492, Christopher Columbus (whose real name in Italian was Cristoforo Colombo) sailed across the Atlantic in the name of the Spanish crown and landed in the Caribbean part of North America. For hundreds of years, it has simply been ...

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The rule of the fifth rightly guided caliph

The rule of the fifth rightly guided caliph

Glory be to Allāh and Salutations on the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Sallallāhu ‘Alayhi Wa Sallam) ‘UMAR BIN ‘ABD AL-’AZIZ (RAHIMAHULLĀH) One day Hadhrat ‘Umar bin ‘Abd Al-’Aziz (Rahimuhullāh) noticed something very strange while having a conversation with his daughters. Whenever any one of his daughters spoke to him she made sure she covered her mouth with her hand. When he ...

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Giant 500-year-old copy of Koran too fragile to be be displayed is bigger than a flatscreen TV By DAILY MAIL REPORTER

The hand-written copy of the Koran - Quran

Library to publish pages online to give scholars access A rarely-seen manuscript of one of the world's most important copies of the Koran is to be published online. The hand-written holy book, estimated to be around 500 years old, is so precious and fragile scholars have been unable to put it on display. Now experts at the University of Manchester's ...

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