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Hadith on forgiveness and justice By :- Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad


Forgiveness and Justice: Meditations on Some Hadiths by Abdal Hakim Murad (1) The Prophet prayed for pardon for his people, and received the reply: ‘I have forgiven them all but acts of oppression, for I shall exact recompense for the one who is wronged, from his oppressor.’ In the Quran, God is just, and requires justice; but he is also ...

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What the Prophet Says (10+ Hadiths Series)


Hadith, or traditions of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him), is the second fundamental source of Islam, a fountain of guidance that brings the Qur'anic guidelines into real life practice and shows how the instructions of the Qur'an can be applied and rendered into actual deeds. Generation after generation, this record of the Prophet's sayings and actions, has ...

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Special Offers After Ramadan (10 Hadiths) By :- Muhammad Fathi

Special Offers after Ramadan 2

The month of Ramadan was a chance to taste the sweetness of worship and drawing nearer to Allah. It also broke the psychological barrier between us and many acts of worship that seem difficult in regular days. Ramadan proved that fasting is not that difficult thing even in the scorching heat of the summer. Standing in prayers for long periods ...

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15+ Hadiths on Optional Night Prayer (Qiyam) By :- Muhammad Fathi


As the days and nights of Ramadan are running quickly, we are now approaching the last third of Ramadan, the ten blessed nights that include the special Night of Decree, Laylat Al-Qadr. The greatness of this night is incomparable: worship in it outweighs worship in 1000 months as indicated in the Qur'an (Al-Qadr 97: 3). Qiyam-ul-Layl or optional night prayer ...

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Revive Your Relation with the Qur’an (10 Hadiths) By :- Muhammad Fathi


Amidst our fast-paced life we tend to forget a very important question: How well is our relationship with the Qur'an? How much time and effort do we spend in reciting, studying and understanding this Guide, granted to us by Allah to lead a successful and happy life? I think it will be embarrassing for many of us to try to ...

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Help Syrian Refugees (10+ Hadiths) By :- Muhammad Fathi

Help-Syrian-Refugees-15-hadiths  2

A recent report in the NY Times described the Syrian refugee crisis as the most dire in a generation.  According to the report, the Syrians predicament is even worse than that unleashed by the Rwandan genocide: "Syrian refugees now total 2.1 million, and the United Nations predicts their numbers could swell to 3.5 million by the end of the year." ...

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15 Anti-Corruption Hadiths By :- Muhammad Fathi

AL razi

Corruption is one of the worst predicaments that haunt many countries around the world. The abuse of power, authority and resources by governments and public servants hinders the progress of nations, alienates ordinary citizens and blocks them from investing in the development of their nations. The ailment of corruption is something that, unfortunately, plagues many Islamic countries, and one cannot ...

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10 Hadiths on Remembrance of Allah By :- Muhammad Fathi

Ramadan-light 274

Which status would be higher than having your humble person appreciated and mentioned by Allah Almighty to a gathering of high-esteemed Angels? That is only one of the many valuable advantages you gain trough frequent remembrance of Allah (dhikr Allah). The special position of this easy act of worship is frequently emphasized by the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon ...

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Dutifulness to Parents (10 Verses & Hadiths) By :- Muhammad Fathi

dutifulnessto-parents--verses-hadiths 273

You will not be able to fully recognize the tremendous sacrifices of your parents until you become a parent yourself! Unfortunately, the limitless giving, the loving care and the real concern that parents offer with pleasure to their children are easily ignored nowadays. In the fast-pace, extremely materialistic life we live, many precious values are easily forgotten. Dutifulness to parents ...

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Cherish Your Wife the Prophet’s Way (10+ Hadiths) By :- Muhammad Fathi

cherish-your-wife-10-hadith 2

In Islam, the relationship between husband and wife is a strong bond to be nurtured with kindness, love and mercy. It is so significant that Allah Almighty mentions it in the Qur’an as one of His great signs in the world: {And of His signs is that He created for you from yourselves mates that you may find tranquility in ...

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