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Help Syrian Refugees (10+ Hadiths) By :- Muhammad Fathi

Help-Syrian-Refugees-15-hadiths  2

A recent report in the NY Times described the Syrian refugee crisis as the most dire in a generation.  According to the report, the Syrians predicament is even worse than that unleashed by the Rwandan genocide: "Syrian refugees now total 2.1 million, and the United Nations predicts their numbers could swell to 3.5 million by the end of the year." ... Read More »

15 Anti-Corruption Hadiths By :- Muhammad Fathi

AL razi

Corruption is one of the worst predicaments that haunt many countries around the world. The abuse of power, authority and resources by governments and public servants hinders the progress of nations, alienates ordinary citizens and blocks them from investing in the development of their nations. The ailment of corruption is something that, unfortunately, plagues many Islamic countries, and one cannot ... Read More »

10 Hadiths on Remembrance of Allah By :- Muhammad Fathi

Ramadan-light 274

Which status would be higher than having your humble person appreciated and mentioned by Allah Almighty to a gathering of high-esteemed Angels? That is only one of the many valuable advantages you gain trough frequent remembrance of Allah (dhikr Allah). The special position of this easy act of worship is frequently emphasized by the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon ... Read More »

Dutifulness to Parents (10 Verses & Hadiths) By :- Muhammad Fathi

dutifulnessto-parents--verses-hadiths 273

You will not be able to fully recognize the tremendous sacrifices of your parents until you become a parent yourself! Unfortunately, the limitless giving, the loving care and the real concern that parents offer with pleasure to their children are easily ignored nowadays. In the fast-pace, extremely materialistic life we live, many precious values are easily forgotten. Dutifulness to parents ... Read More »

10 Green Hadiths (Infographic) By :- Shari`ah Staff


Did the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) say anything about saving our planet? Did he promote any ideas or practices relevant to the world's growing concern about the future of the earth and its resources? The following infographic features a collection of the Prophet's hadiths that, although said 14 centuries ago, are so relevant today. The green ideas ... Read More »

10 Green Hadiths By :- Muhammad Fathi


Did the Prophet (peace and blssings be upon him) say anything about saving our planet? Did he promote any ideas or practices relevant to the world's growing concern about the future of the earth and its resources? Today, with the increasing awareness of the dangers facing our planet and the great interest in green ideas, a reflection on the guidance ... Read More »

The Prophet’s Sermon on Ramadhan

Baihaqi reported on the authority of Salman Al-Farsi (Radhi Allah ‘Anh) that Prophet (‘Alaihi Salat was-Salam) delivered a sermon on the last day of the month of Sha’ban. In it he (‘Alaihi Salat was-Salam) said,   “O People! The month of Allah (Ramadan) has come with its mercies, blessings and forgivenesses. Allah has decreed this month the best of all months. The ... Read More »

40 Ahadeeth Audio to help Memorize

    Hadeeth 1 Hadeeth 2 Hadeeth 3 Hadeeth 4 Hadeeth 5 Hadeeth 6 Hadeeth 7 Hadeeth 8 Hadeeth 9 Hadeeth 10 Hadeeth 11 Hadeeth 12 Hadeeth 13 Hadeeth 14 Hadeeth 15 Hadeeth 16 Hadeeth 17 Hadeeth 18 Hadeeth 19 Hadeeth 20 Hadeeth 21 Hadeeth 22 Hadeeth 23 Hadeeth 24 Hadeeth 25 Hadeeth 26 Hadeeth 27 Hadeeth 28 Hadeeth 29 ... Read More »

The ill Effects of Sins


by Shaykh Muhammad ibn Saalih al-'Uthaymeen (rahimahullaah). It was a khutbah given by him on the 12th of Muharram 1411AH which was published in Arabic and translated to English. Translated by – Aboo Talhah Daawood ibn Ronald Burbank All praise is for Allaah, in whose Hand is the dominion of the heavens and the earth. Sovereignty is His, all praise ... Read More »