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Go To Pharaoh: Prophet Moses’ First Task (Part 6)

the dialoge between 11

On a dark night, in the shadow of Mount Tur, God conferred Prophethood on Moses.  His first command to him was go to Pharaoh: “Go To Pharaoh!  Verily!  He has transgressed (all bounds in disbelief and disobedience, and has behaved as an arrogant tyrant).” (Ta-Ha, 20:24) Moses fled Egypt in fear for his life; he had spent 10 years in ...

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Prophetic medicine: Vinegar

the wisdom of prohetic medicine vinegar 1_compressed

During the time of the Prophet, vinegar was generally prepared from grapes and dates, and was known as khal al-‘inab, khal al-khamr. According to the Prophet Muhammad, “The best vinegar is made from wine.” On one occasion, he exclaimed: “How good a condiment is vinegar.”1 He also said: “O Allah, bless vinegar. No house will be destitute where there is ...

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Thinking Over the Verses of the Qur’an

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The Qur'an is the final book Allah sent to all people. Every person living on the earth is responsible for learning the Qur'an and fulfilling the commands communicated in it. Most people, however, do not learn it and fulfil what Allah commands in the Qur'an, although they accept it as a divine book. This is a consequence of their not ...

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Moses Hears the Voice of God (Part 5)

Mt. Sinai 1

Moses, peace be upon him, married one of the women he had initially helped at the waterhole and spent the next ten years working with her father and raising his own family.  His new life was quiet and contemplative, he did not have to endure the intrigue of the Egyptian court or the humiliation of his people, the Children of ...

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Prophet Moses in a Strange Land (Part 4)

Desert Oasis 273

After walking for more than a week across the burning desert, Moses arrived at an oasis where groups of men were watering their animals.  They were pushing, fighting, joking, and laughing, behaving in a rough, and tumble manner as Moses flung himself onto the ground grateful for the shade of a tree.  As he caught his breath, he noticed two ...

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Prophet Moses Flees Egypt (Part 3)


In the 28th. chapter of the Quran named Al-Qasas (The Narration) – particularly the first 45 verses focus solely on the story of Moses – we learn about the strength and piety of his mother, and how God rewarded her righteousness and trust in Him by returning her son. Some scholars believe that Moses and his mother returned to their ...

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Prophet Moses: A Male Child is Born (Part 2)

Egypt Nile River 1

There are lessons for humankind throughout the story of Moses, which are not only learnt after his Prophethood; rather, they are found even when he was a newborn. His righteous mother’s behavior gives us numerous lessons that are relevant even today; Put your trust in God! Moses was born in a year in which the sons of the Children of ...

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Prophet Moses & The Will of God (Part 1)

Egypt Nile River 1

In both Judaism and Christianity Moses is a central figure. He is the man from the Old Testament most mentioned in the New Testament who led the Israelites out of bondage in Egypt, communicated with God and received the Ten Commandments. Moses is known as both a religious leader and a lawgiver.In Islam, Moses is loved and respected; he is both ...

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The Revolution Of Muslim Slaves in Brazil


From the 1500s through the 1800s, European nations were engaged in a tragic and barbaric practice known as the "slave trade". During this period, over 12 million Africans were boarded onto ships and taken to North and South America to work as slaves. The legacy of this inhumane treatment lives on today, in the form of racism and economic disadvantage ...

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