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Muslim Culture

Stand against religious extremism – Editorial – Daily Mirror


It seems that somebody has shifted the gear to the reverse.  It’s really disheartening to see how a golden opportunity the country was presented with about three and a half years ago is allowed to slip away carelessly. Chauvinism, racism and religious and cultural intolerance have forced themselves into the front seat while harmony, unity and respect for difference have ... Read More »

Islamic Civilization by the Numbers By Dr. Mohamed Elmasry

During his 1868 – 1871 lecture series, "Introduction to the Study of  History," Swiss historian Prof. Jacob Burchardt explained his thesis that there are "three powers" in history — the state, religion, and culture. Burchardt, whose book "The Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy" became a classic, went on to define culture in general as "the realm of the spontaneous," ... Read More »

Arwi Language (Arabic Tamil)

Arwi or Arabic-Tamil (ل س ا ن ا ل أ ر و ي lisā n-ul-arwī அ ர ப ு -த ம ி ழ ் arabu-tamil) is an Arabic-influenced dialect of the Tamil language written with an extension of the Arabic alphabet, with extensive lexical and phonetic influences from the Arabic language. Arwi was used extensively by the Muslim minority of ... Read More »

The Scientific legacy of the Muslim World – Extracted from the “Forgotten History of Muslims- By J W Draper, 1864″

We give below some major scientific breakthroughs of Muslims which the Western World has sought to hide, claiming it as their own. What is taught which is what we have learned from Western sources intent on hiding the truth and what should be taught which is the reality as we understand it from a proper reading of history: What is ... Read More »

Islamic Turkey


It needs no gainsaying that Turkey is a rich land with a long history. Not only did it once form the Byzantine Empire, the most powerful and influential Christian power in the world in the few centuries after Christ, but it was also home to a number of Greek communities that produced brilliant scholars such as Herodotus, not to mention ... Read More »

Muslim inventions that shaped the modern world

Think of the origins of that staple of modern life, the cup of coffee, and Italy often springs to mind. But in fact, Yemen is where the ubiquitous brew has its true origins.       Along with the first university, and even the toothbrush, it is among surprising Muslim inventions that have shaped the world we live in today. ... Read More »

Coffee — The Wine of Islam

Most modern coffee-drinkers are probably unaware of coffee’s heritage in the Sufi orders of Southern Arabia. Members of the Shadhiliyya order are said to have spread coffee-drinking throughout the Islamic world sometime between the 13th and 15th centuries CE. A Shadhiliyya shaikh was introduced to coffee-drinking in Ethiopia, where the native highland bush, its fruit and the beverage made from ... Read More »