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Stamps commemorating Muslims of Ceylon (Sri Lanka)

Stamps commemorating Muslims of Ceylon

    Abdul Azeez Abdul A Aziz M C Abdul Cader A M A Aziz Arabi Pasha  MHM Ashroff Badiudin Mahmud Beruwela Masjid M A Bakeer Markar H S Ismail T B Jayah Sir Mohamed Macan Markar Mahmood Hazrath M C Abdul Rahman Gate Mudaliyar M S Kariapper Dr. M C M Kaleel N D H Abdul Caffoor N H read more

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Story of Kaaba’s Cloth: Al-Kiswah By Rym Ghazal

dyed blackand padded1

Yearly, monthly, daily, hourly, worshippers from around the world meet at the heart of Islam, the Kaaba. Positioned inside ­Mecca’s Grand Mosque, the ­Kaaba is Bait Allah, or the House of God, and represents the qiblah, the direction that Muslims face to perform their five-times-daily prayers. One of the greatest venerations for the Kaaba is the amount of care, respect, read more

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Ramadan Food Traditions in South Africa

usually after breaking fast 1

The sun is slowly slipping down behind the majestic mountains. In just a few minutes it will set. While the city is slowly coming to the evening stand still, you see children wearing scarfs and koufiyyahs (Muslim headdress for males) and dressed in thoabs (long garments) scurrying across the streets of suburbia delivering plates of treats to their neighbours; a read more

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Muslims and Americans : a shared heritage since July 4, 1776.

Declaration of Independence

Upon declaration of our independence on July 4, 1776, two of the first three heads of states who recognized the sovereignty of the United States were Muslims and one of them was a Muslim from India. Americans, Indians and Muslims have a connection since the very beginning of our independence. We were all opposed to colonial rule, and fought them read more

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Why You Should Be Decking the Halls For Ramadan?


While Muslims in the US enthusiastically pull out their stored Rubbermaid tubs marked “Ramadan/Eid,” packed with strings of paper lanterns, electric lights and glass ornaments bought, others find this “new” tradition to be a questionable innovation or another capitalist trapping. It may seem that converted Muslims have simply transferred their old traditions and newly immigrated Muslims have copied their neighbors’ read more

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          The sudden demise of Al-Haj Shahul Hameed Muhammad Jameel on 27th April 2015 was a great loss to the community and to myself personally. He led a well accomplished and illustrious life. His contributions as an eminent educationist, administrator, scholar, orator, researcher, archivist, writer, author, publisher et al will be remembered for a long time read more

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First Islamic Heritage Museum opened for public in Sri Lanka


According to the direction of Ministry of Cultural Affairs and Archaeology Department this four storey building was constructed at the cost of  several million rupees. This museum was opened by former deputy minister and the Batticaloa district parliamentarian M.L.A.M.Hizbullaha. This museum clearly briefs the historical, religious, political, business and rituals of Muslim people thousands of years ago in Sri Lanka. read more

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Gardening: An Islamic Philosophical Architecture – By Klaudia Khan

El Azhar Park in Cairo, Egypt, is one of the modern examples of Islamic Charbagh.

If heaven, the ultimate reward that we are striving for, is described as “gardens underneath which rivers flow”, then what places on Earth could give us better foretaste of Paradise than gardens? Gardens, and specifically traditional Islamic gardens, are the reflections of heaven on Earth. But they are also much more: they are the places where our minds can rest read more

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Fezzes and Surattu Toppis

Moor gentleman with Fez Cap_compressed

Headdresses of the Muslims of Old By Asiff Hussein Surattu Toppi The ordinary headgear of the Muslims of Sri Lanka in the olden days was a white skullcap. However the head-dress usually worn by the more affluent Muslims was an altogether different type of head-gear. It was a costly multi-coloured, truncated conical brimless hat or cap made of straw or read more

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