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Fezzes and Surattu Toppis

Moor gentleman with Fez Cap_compressed

Headdresses of the Muslims of Old By Asiff Hussein Surattu Toppi The ordinary headgear of the Muslims of Sri Lanka in the olden days was a white skullcap. However the head-dress usually worn by the more affluent Muslims was an altogether different type of head-gear. It was a costly multi-coloured, truncated conical brimless hat or cap made of straw or ...

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Accha House & Umma House A mixed childhood in Sri Lanka By :- Asiff Hussein

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In this delightful book, well known writer Asiff Hussein shares with his readers some happy pen pictures of his mixed breed childhood lived in the Sri Lanka of the 1970s and 1980s. The Author who grew up in Colpetty had a most fascinating childhood with his siblings, enjoying the best of both worlds of their mixed Muslim Sinhalese parentage. Their ...

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Weights and measures in ancient and medieval Sri Lanka


Information on the weights and measures used in ancient and medieval Sri Lanka are found in Abhidhanappadipika, Navanamavaliya and the stone inscriptions. Nagalavava village in Sigiriya-Dambulla region, surveyed in the 1990s, was using measures that could be traced back to earlier times. Its system of measuring grain and medicine was common to other purana settlements and also certain urban areas. ...

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Japanese Muslim brings life to Arabic calligraphy

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Fuad Koichi Honda, a native of Japan, is known round the world as one of the world’s top contemporary Arabic calligraphers. His works show a level of artistic perfection that has taken him decades to achieve. He has won many awards for his work, including the International Arabic Calligraphy Contest. His most famous works of calligraphic art use passages from ...

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Mohammed Abdul Bakeer Markar : By : former Attorney General SHIBLY AZIZ PC


As a fellow lawyer, it is indeed my privilege to say a few words about a senior and illustrious figure in the legal profession who in his time adorned the legal and political portals with equal felicity and acceptance. Deshamanya Mohammed Abdul Bakeer Markar, born in 1917, was a devoted and practicing Muslim, much loved by the Sinhalese and treated ...

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The origins of some Sri Lankan Muslim Foods and Beverages-By Asiff Hussein


Sri Lanka’s Muslims are heirs to a rich culinary tradition which has its ultimate origins in Arabia, India and the Malay world. Their cuisine is in a sense ‘international’. Here’s a brief survey of some of their more prominent foods and drinks and their origins. Buriyani – A favourite rice dish which figures prominently in local Muslim feasts is the buriyani, ...

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KATHI S.M. ABOOBUCKER J.P. – Muslim Leader of Jaffna – By Ali Azeez

Kathi S.M. Aboobucker J.P.

The Muslims had lived for many centuries in Jaffna and they were an integral part of Jaffna Society. They were traders and later dominated the hardware, lorry transport, jewellery, tailoring and meat trades. They shunned education in Christian schools for fear of being converted to Christianity. During their period the British were more tolerant and with the opening of Hindu ...

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Islam’s Journey Into Southeast Asia


By Farrukh I. Younus Freelance Writer, Globetrotter Sunday, 25 May 2014 00:00 Defined as the region of land between India to the west, China to the north, and the Pacific Ocean to the east, Southeast Asia today comprises 10 countries: Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Burma, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand (Siam), and Vietnam. Allah Almighty speaks of traveling to different ...

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Nostalgic memoirs of a great personality

Arasi Marikar Wapchie Marikar (born 1829, died 1925)

  The Colombo National Museum and the Moorish Muslims of Sri Lanka Mohammed Jehan Khan. The construction of the Museum was carried out by Arasi Marikar Wapchie Marikar (born 1829, died 1925, aka Wapchi Marikar Bass, who was descended from the Sheikh Fareed family of Iraq who arrived in Ceylon in 1060 AD). Wapchie Marikkarwas a Renowned Architect and a ...

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