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A Study of Sri Lankan Muslim Society and Culture extracted from the book Sarandib by Asiff Hussein

  • The origins and affinities of the Sri Lankan Moors
  • The language of the Moors
  • Birth and childhood among the Moors
  • Marital laws and customs of the Moors
  • Funerary rites among the Moors
  • Dress and Ornamentation among the Moors
  • Moor Culinary habits
  • Names and Titles among the Moors
  • Origins and affinities of the Malays of Sri Lanka
  • Malay Language and Literature
  • Malay birth, marriage and funeral customs
  • Dress and Ornamentation among the Malays
  • Malay Culinary Fare
  • Names and Surnames among the Malays

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